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Terms Of Service As a User of Montana Menagerie

Posted: Mon Dec 27, 2010 4:29 pm
by JeanInMontana
    1. We, Montana Menagerie staff, reserve the right to refuse membership to anyone known or unknown as a threat to the site, enemy of the owner or officers. Thus pre-banning is in place and has been used.

    2. Users agree to abide by all copyright laws and laws of the United States of America and State of Montana and rules of the site owner. Subject to change without notice.

    3. No hateful, discriminating content of any type will be tolerated. No attacks on any group or person for their sexual preference, political view or gender.

    4. Posts become the property of the site, but the responsibility of the poster for abidance to copyright and all laws listed in #2. In short management reserves the right to dispose of any post deemed necessary and may use content as they wish.

    5. No spamming of any type. No links to off site interests in posts or signatures. Signatures may contain links to reputable sites if you are the owner or staff of that site with approval.

    6. When posting an article of interest please link to the original in your post. You cannot post an article of any type without a link to the source. That is not a link to Joe Blow's blog about article x, but a link to the initial article. When in doubt ask.