Monday Musings

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Monday Musings

Postby JeanInMontana » Mon Mar 21, 2011 6:04 pm

I have been a total sloth today. Didn't get dressed. Slept til 11:00 AM. Watched a movie The Crazies, from Netflix on demand. I need to hook up the new TV I guess and if I move repack it. I can't imagine how much louder I might have screamed if I had been watching on a 37" LED HD TV. I screamed damn good on my 17" lappy wide screen. I'm glad I finally got one to play. I re-enrolled and instead of the mailed movies I went for on demand only which includes STARZ Play and Live STARZ TV Channel. This is cool for me since I don't have cable and a good share of the time the local channels go on the fritz. It's affordable too only $8.00 a month. I got my $ worth on that movie. :rotf:

So far this week is starting off better than last week. Last week was killer. I wanted to smoke cigarettes and drink hard liquor by Thursday. Friday I was ready for Valium and the aforementioned. My mother went into ICU because she wants a pacemaker. Long story but that is the bottom line. My house is still not done. The toilet wouldn't flush and was ready to over flow on Saturday. I finally just said hell with it and gave the plunger all I had, it flushed! My emergency call to the plumber is still not returned! They need to finish the plumbing and someone needs to paint. I don't want to breathe the paint. The dry wall was bad enough, paint is stronger. I don't trust any of them to be left in my house alone so not sure how to get around that. They broke my washer drain and fixed it, but I haven't given it a test run. The washer is still sitting in the kitchen, with just enough room to get past it to the bathroom.

I finally got an appointment to see someone I can vent to. I had an appointment for Friday and she canceled sick. So I went for an intern tomorrow. I need a vent before I explode. My poor sister is ready too. Mom is making us both nutty.

So it's Spring? Why am I getting severe weather warnings? Because you live in Montana stupid, the voice of reason says. I am so ready for nice weather and a vacation. I want to get away sooo bad. Of course a 'real' vacation to a fun destination or people I want to see would be the best, but I would be happy for a day out of town. Or a weekend with the Great Nieces. I even scoped out mystery shops and then got the weather warning email.

Well I had so much more I was going to go on about but I'm just not in the mood I guess. I have no energy.
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