My,My Monday & Pi Day!

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My,My Monday & Pi Day!

Postby JeanInMontana » Mon Mar 14, 2011 2:59 pm

March 14th known as Pi day because it is close to 3.14 or Pi. I would like some pie. Cherry, Custard or Sour Cream Raisin even Pumpkin would be good. If you didn't 'spring' forward on Saturday or even yesterday, you are having a severely screwed up day if you had anything to do at specific times.

I had 3 alarms fail. Two were on my desktop, which never fully rebooted for some reason. I am having some serious issues with it and think it is HD related, but then some is also the WWW connection. I just got a call from Qwest confirming my rantings that my connection sucks. I'm getting about half the speed I should be and although she didn't say so I know that is a shaky 50% speed. The light on the modem blinks constantly and page loads fail etc. So a tech will come tomorrow to start on the outside to see what the issue(s) are.

I have a plumber here today, and Drywall guy waiting in the wings. I want to get out to see the place on Strickland Creek Road, but can't with these guys here. I just can't bring myself to let them stay here while I am gone.

I hate DST, read an article that there are more suicides and heart attacks in the first days of the change. I bet violence too. I am being given a Microsoft Update from 2007 as I write?

The plumber is having a Monday too and has to go after another tool. I just want a nap!
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