"What is MoveOn?"

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"What is MoveOn?"

Postby JeanInMontana » Tue Dec 16, 2008 3:17 pm

Dear Jean,

People often ask, "What is MoveOn?" The answer is really simple: MoveOn is you—well, you plus five million other like-minded folks all over the country.

We're not politicians or CEOs—we're just regular people in Duluth and Spokane and Brooklyn and Raleigh and hundreds of other cities, working together to make our country a little bit better.

Now we have some really important decisions to make together. Our country is at a critical moment: The opportunity for change has never been greater and Americans everywhere are ready for it. But there's a lot that needs to be done to get our country back on track and we have to decide—each and every one of us—where we should focus first.

Click on the link below to tell the rest of us what you think is the most important goal for MoveOn to focus on in the next year. Is it winning health care for all? Ending the war in Iraq? Switching to a green economy? Making sure every child has access to a college education? This is our moment to dream big!

On Wednesday, we'll all vote together on what MoveOn's priorities should be based on what you nominate today. Click below to nominate a goal:

http://pol.moveon.org/2009/agenda/submi ... 1kMzCx&t=3

This is just the first step in a week-long agenda-setting process that starts today.

Here's how the whole thing will work:

* Today, you nominate a goal you think is important for MoveOn to focus on. After you nominate, you can read and rate other goals that MoveOn members have nominated.
* Wednesday, we'll all vote for our top choices from among the 10 most popular nominated goals.
* On Friday, the voting will end, and MoveOn will have a new slate of priorities to guide our work together in '09!

The truth is after the last eight years, there is so much we'd all want to see change that it's hard to know where to start. We'll work on lots of issues next year—not just one or even three.

But even with November's huge victory, the big progressive changes we dream of aren't going to come easily, so we absolutely need to get focused in on our priorities. Click below to nominate a goal:

http://pol.moveon.org/2009/agenda/submi ... 1kMzCx&t=4

We've seen millions of us work together to make truly huge things happen before. And we can do it again—but it's going to take all of us and now's the time to start.

Can't wait to read your nomination!

Thanks for all you do.

–Nita, Aisling, Patrick S., Eli and the rest of the team

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