Installing applications on Linux

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Installing applications on Linux

Postby rockingmtranch » Sun Jul 27, 2008 12:10 pm

In my last article I talked about changing Linux so that software updates come from your ISPs local Linux mirror, which may not count towards your monthly download allowance. In this article I'll chat about how to install applications.

As loyal reader and commenter Guest pointed out in a comment to my last article, when you change to a local ISP's mirror and then install applications (which are part of your Linux distribution) then they will also not count towards your monthly download allowance.

Windows users are quite used to putting in a CD and clicking on whatever comes up. Alternatively, you can download an exe or msi file from a website and install that. So, how do you install applications in Linux?

When you install Linux on your PC or laptop, it usually has some preloaded applications. Ubuntu comes with OpenOffice, a PDF reader, some basic games, some audio and video players and other things. It is pretty complete as it is, but I have been using Ubuntu for a while and have my own favourite applications for doing things.

I really like VLC as a video player. I use it on Windows and Linux. However, it is not installed in Ubuntu, as Movie Player is the video default application.

For burning CDs and DVDs I like using GnomeBaker, but that too is not installed by default. When I first set up my Ubuntu installation I install these two (and quite a few more applications). So, lets have a look at how to do this. (Hint: it is really easy!)

Continue on to find out how easy it can be!
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